Let's talk about...
The Nitty. Gritty. Titty. 
(also known as "The Real Work")

"You want to be famous? Well fame costs. And right here is where you start paying...in sweat." 
Debbie Allen--FAME the film


The Foundation Unit
Creating your Actor Self.

- Who am I? 
Learn to articulate who you really are, not just a type that was assigned to you.
Introduce yourself to strangers and find out how you come off.
Use Instagram

- What do I want?
...and why do I want it? Identify what you want to do as an actor to have impact. Find out your inner driving motivation and feed that joy. It is an energy source that you can turn to again and again throughout your life.- What are the identifiable skills of all great actors of today?
Since you will be joining their ranks you need to do some self assessment. This quiz will help you hone in on your strengths and where to focus your energies for skills you need to improve upon.

Actor|Creator Unit
Find the Artistry of Business.

- Harnessing the Power of Imagery.
Head Shots that capture who you really are. Selfies that communicate the essence of a character breakdown. Find out how to use your body and acting skills to tell a story in one frame. Plus photo basics like composition and lighting, make images compelling. UNFORGETTABLE. HAUNTING.  One frame. You can use these images to get auditions without even opening your mouth.

- Write like you act.
Find your voice,  drop into your heart and write in a way that makes the reader experience your truth or delight in your joy.
Artistic mission statement. Personal bio. Monologue or blog post.
Trust me--this skill will get you noticed.
((Example NYU Students Sharing the truth of where they are.....))

- Powerful Audio. 
Act with just your voice. First we identify all the ways actors make art with only their voice. Then you chose three ways that resonate with you and record the right copy for your brand. Sing a song for your audience or record Shakespeare for the Gods darlin'.

 - Compelling Filmmaking. 
This is the unit where it all comes together. the artist meets the industry. I teach you how you and a friend how you can put yourself on tape for industry auditions. You will also create a very short unplugged cell phone movie in the stylistic category of your future oscar nominated performance.

Audience Unit
Finding Your Fanbase.

-It ain't theater if an audience doesn't see it. 
If it's happening in your bedroom and nowhere else, it just doesn't matter. I will help you get your MINDSET right to share your gift. You will become strong in your confidence. You have a network today, whether you realize it or not. 

-Harness the power of the people you have already met.
Friends and family, industry fans, your tribe, general supporters and audience fans, and industry targets are all in there.

- Easy, automated, authentic connection.
I will walk you through setting up an email service so that you can communicate with your audience and the one on one relationships that make the greatest partnerships happen.

- Learning to Launch. 
Learn how to share big news and make it matter.

PLUS the tech.  

What's really cool is that I have woven the tech know-how throughout the program.  There's no separation like there was in our school days, when you were a geek OR an artist.  Well--to succeed nowadays, you've gotta be a bit of both.  So I teach basic tech skills that grandma can follow,  from how to use Instagram to how to use a digital camera.  You will master the basics and understand that where art and technology meet is actually the coolest crossroads in the world.