Preparation Module:

You will learn how to artistically articulate the real you on various social media platforms. The key component to proper preparation is always knowing your motivation (just like when you're acting in a scene, it's the same thing!)

You will learn an easy formula to always have clarity and motivation. You will never have to second guess yourself or worry that you are confusing people. 


Performance Module:

Find out how to use your body and acting skills to tell a story in one frame.  Whether you are shooting a headshot or a selfie, you will learn to communicate the essence of a character and the essence of you. Plus you will learn essential photo basics like composition and lighting and the secret sauce that makes any image compelling unforgettable or haunting. 

Even if you've never written a word you'll learn how to find your writing voice, relying on acting techniques inspired by some of the greats.  Say goodbye to boring form letters like: Dear Sir, please consider me for a role in your excellent play. 

Act with just your voice. First we identify all the ways actors make art with only their voice. Then you chose three ways that resonate with you and record the right copy for your brand. Sing a song for your audience or record Shakespeare for the Gods darlin'.

This is the unit where it all comes together: the artist meets the industry. I teach you how you and a friend how can put yourself on tape for industry auditions. You will also create a very short unplugged cell phone movie in the stylistic category of your future Oscar nominated performance.


Publish Module

I will help you get your mindset right and lose your excuses when it comes to sharing your work and speaking your voice. 

Here’s where you’ll get comfortable with the idea of allowing yourself to be seen - with all the bumps.  You’ll learn how to share your process, your behind the scenes footage, and your real-life experience.  Revealing your unique story is what attracts people to you. 

So, you’ll learn how to change your thinking around this.  It’s not about maintaining your ‘headshot face’ 24/7. It’s about creating a unique experience and really letting people in. 



What's really cool is that I have woven the tech know-how throughout the program.  There's no separation like there was in our school days, when you were a geek OR an artist.  Well--to succeed nowadays, you've gotta be a bit of both.  So I teach basic tech skills that grandma can follow,  from how to use Instagram to how to use a digital camera.  You will master the basics and understand that where art and technology meet is actually the coolest crossroads in the world.