What is
Zoom In Acting?

Zoom in Acting is a six Week Online Acting Class designed to:

Fire up your self submission tapes

Grow your audition confidence

Increase your bookings



Actors Get Work from their sELF-Submissions ALL the time.

I want to show you how.  

Get rid of the mystery of self-submissions.

Banish the self doubt about your gift.

Get out of your head and put your talent into the work!   

You will be on your way to successful self-Tape submissions

 and more acting work.

Zoom IN.  FOCUs.  On your Acting.


Work At Your Own Level. 


Sides  arrive via email and you go to work. 

Rehearse, self tape and  upload. 

Zoom In for live interactive class.  

YOU Want:

  • Audition preparation, scene analysis

  • to stay sharp as an actor

  • Feel Confident on set and in the audition room

  • Get your questions answered

  • Honest feedback, actor's technique