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Intake: A diagnostic session in which I give you a scene and some time prepare it. I tape you as we act the scene together. You may also show me your best monologue. I then give you a mini session and we review the tape together. It’s my chance to get to know your work and your goals. It’s also your chance to see how I work. At the end of the session I will give feedback and make recommendations on how we might best work together. I will send you a video tape of your work as well as a written evaluation of strengths and areas of improvement. All new clients must begin with an intake session. 90 minutes - $250

The Big Audition (individual session): You bring me the material and I help you get ready. I can teach you how to show up prepared and ready to do and be your best. I also offer session via skype or phone when you are in a pinch. $130/hour - $70/half hour

Role Preparation: Actors who have been cast in a specific role come in to analyze role, rehearse possible choices, and to incorporate lines and/or blocking as well as the director's notes into their creative process. Prep available for film, television or stage. Book 5 sessions, receive $50 off the per session rate. $130/hour - $70/half hour

On Set Coaching: At the request of the production. Arranged through the Producer with the consent of the Director. Fee negotiated through Red Wall Productions.

Online Coaching: When you need honest feedback on a monologue or scene or you need to get ready for an audition and can’t get to my studio, I am happy provide my services via the internet. Paid in advanced through Paypal. $130/hour or $70/half hour.

Feedback: Upload or email yourself performing a scene or your reel and I will email it back to you with full audio commentary. Paid in advanced only through Paypal. Up to 30 minutes/$60

About Creating w Roz

Prices Vary On Individual Client Needs & Project


Teaching others to create is part of my life’s work. It’s one of the most important ways that I chose to leave my legacy, by inspiring others to find their story and put it out into the world. It’s my passion. I do it everyday, through my acting, teaching, producing, and directing. Hopefully we will do it together. When my life is over I hope to be empty and to have thousands, better yet tens of thousand, of pieces of truth and slices of life, that I have helped bring into the world. I hope to help you.


Hey what if I come up with the next Star Wars, will Red Wall Productions or Roz Acting Coach own my children’s children!?

Woooaaah! That’s putting the cart before the horse! I offer a service that helps you develop the story. I offer my ideas as part of that service. If we end up producing a product together you will either pay me for my time or Red Wall Productions will come in as a producing partner and we will make a simple agreement. Generally producing a project of any kind together is like a marriage. You know if it’s right. In your gut. I am here to help you START. Get to the first level of Mount Everest. I am not your sherpa, but I will help you find your team. Not to mix metaphors but “if you build it, they will come”.

So How Much?

A la Carte: $90 per hour. Meetings range from in person, or video conference. Your work does not end with the session however, there will be homework. We want you to learn, we want to empower you with the skills to continue the journey after we have parted ways.

Is that going to be enough? It could get expensive.

Yup. It could. Or it could not. It really depends on what you need. I am here to get you started. As your project manifests I ask you pointed question to help you decide if we need to do a package (5-10 discounted sessions) or A la Carte works works for you. It depends on the kind of momentum that you build up and if and when it comes together.

How Long Will That Take?

Well it took me five sessions over 4 months to develop a short film called Twinkle. Another Red Wall Productions film called BFF began with the script already written, and took us only a short time to produce. It depends on many factors, mainly the combination of our artistic temperaments and if the Wonder Twins Powers activate. So sorry to add another metaphor.

Basically, the only way to find out is to start. The ball is in your court.

Anything else?

Yes. Payments are due on or before the time of service. I have a strict 24 cancellation policy. And...oh yeah. Please do your printing before you arrive - you are responsible for printing your own drafts for me. I use an iPad otherwise, so please plan accordingly.

Rosalyn Coleman Williams

An aritist who loves the grind. A teacher who learns. A mother who is babied by her boys. A traveler on life's journey.