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this site goes to all the objections. 

01 "Let's be real--I just wanna work more."

I can all but guarantee that working with me will bring more jobs into your life. Bookings come from 'luck'--when 99% preparation meets 1% opportunity. Get your 99% down pat and stack the odds in your favor by getting hyper-focused about your goals and creating a smart, action-oriented game plan, all based around building and sustaining powerful relationships.

02 "My dream job feels light years away."

I know your dream job can feel like the furthest thing from your grasp. And getting there doesn't mean you need to have the right resume/right agent/right haircut etc. It means you need to know the people in charge of getting you on their project, they need to know you, and you need to be building an authentic relationship full of respect and acknowledgement and just being yourself. Making the right relationships leads to getting the resume of your dreams!

Working with a career coach can catapult you to the next level.

If you feel you need: more ideas, well-defined goals, focus, accountability, a paradigm shift, a change in mindset, or an action plan, I offer an opportunity to work hand in hand with me. 

03 "I feel so disempowered and frustrated."

Your mindset is the foundation of your success. Until you're in a place of confidence, self-worth and prosperity, it's hard to bring your best self into the audition room or on set. Let me help you see and own what you bring to the table. I'll help you break down self-imposed mental obstacles, celebrate and identify your wins both big and small, and get really crystal-clear on the value that you bring to this industry just by being yourself and telling your story. 

04 "Marketing feels so schmoozy. I'm just not like that."

That M-word has such a bad rap! Let's redefine marketing. Instead of thinking of it as selling yourself or being fake or figuring out what 'they' want, we need to just share who you are and what you do best. On a real, authentic level. Working together, we can get to a place where doing marketing mailings feels like fun outreach to friends instead of monotonous torture. Where networking parties or mixers are actually fun and you're not staring at the exit all night. At the end of the day, we all just want to work with our friends--and that's exactly what you'll be preparing for.

05 "I can't afford coaching."

It's my sincere hope that our work together will pay for itself in spades! In the meantime, I try to make my prices both do-able and an investment in your career. For people who think they want sustained coaching and momentum, I offer a monthly $150 package that includes both coaching and creation of marketing materials. For people who would rather work as they go, I offer an a la carte option of $75 hourly coaching sessions that you can do at your own pace. 

Are you ready to up level?

Rosalyn Coleman Williams

An aritist who loves the grind. A teacher who learns. A mother who is babied by her boys. A traveler on life's journey.