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Invitation Video

  • Call to action with Urgency
    • Let's face it your life does not get longer. Time is the one thing got a making no more. You simply cannot wait to live your life as an artist and with this program you can start today.
      It's fun. It's easy. Click the button now.
  • Dreams fears desires
    • You became an actor because at some point you were moved by someone's performance in the story you felt it in your body and you desired to do the same thing to have impact on people in a large way
    • You saw yourself playing a contract role and a meaningful drama or a hilarious sitcom.
    • Working as a character actor in the top films and television projects.
    • Originating an iconic role in a Broadway show.
  • Hard benefits
    • You are going to make movies
      • Stop waiting and start creating
    • Booking work meaningful and aligned with who you are
    • Become relevant in show business because you are understanding it from a content producer's point of view
    • Attracting an agent who totally get you are an artist and are excited about you
    • Build an audience that gets you known- making you more valuable as an actor when you're hired because you bring your audience with you
    • Stop doing BS work
    • Move your acting career forward on Quantum Leap style
  • The solution
  • Soft benefits
    • Learn to live your life as an artist
    • Feel empowered
    • Feel confident
    • You feel excited about your career
    • You feel artistic creative clued in
    • You are limitless and know your personal power.
    • You know the stories that only you can tell you finally understand what is your unique and special gift to the world as an artist
      • Deeply Connect to the stories you want to tell
        • Speak your weird and others will find you. Will locate your tribe.
  • The problem
    • You work so hard to get just a few lines on the television show that means nothing to you.
    • You are trying to pay your dues but it's a mystery who are you paying your dues too when are they pay and how long does this do paying. Go on?
    • You watch your friend when awards and walk the red carpet why you struggle to play pay the bills and spend most of your time paying casting directors to look at the work.

Unique out Come-Use this course to become the actor you were born to be

Problem. The problem is you don't get book the meaningful roles that would allow you to use your talents to their potential. Without booking the roles, your work does not have impact

Solution AIDA is the solution. This program empowers you to play the roles you were meant to play now.

Features & bennifits

  • Deliverables unique 14 week online experience
    (How it is taught)
    • Videos
    • Audios
    • Downloadable worksheets to enhance your understanding.
    • Innovative fun Homework assignments that build skills and create opportunities.
    • Online community support
    • Feedback

- Thee Nitty Gritty Tittie  
  "You want to be famous?  Well fame costs. And right here is where you start paying...in sweat". Debbie Allen Fame The Movie

The foundational Unit

        - Who am I - Learn to articulate who you really are. not just a type that was assigned to you.   
          introduce yourself to strangers and find out how you come off. use Instagram
        - What do I want? Why do I want it? Identify what you want to do as an actor to have impact. Find out your inner driving motivation and feed that joy. It is an energy source that you can turn to again and again throughout your life.
        - What are the identifiable skills of all great actors of today. Since you will be joining their ranks you need to do some self assessment. This quiz will help you hone in on your strengths and where to focus your energies for skills you need to improve upon.

Actor Creator Unit

- Images. Head Shots that capture who you really are. Selfies that communicate the essence of a character breakdown. Find out how to use your body and acting skills to tell a story in one frame. Plus photo basics like composition and lighting, make images  compelling. UNFORGETTABLE. HAUNTING.  One frame. You can use these images to get auditions without even opening your mouth.
- Write like you act. Find your voice,  

drop into your heart and write in a way that makes the reader experience your truth or delight in your joy. artistic mission statement, personal bio, monologue or blog post. This skill will get you noticed. Example NYU Students Sharing the truth of where they are..... - Audio. Act with just your voice. First we identify all the ways actors make art with only their voice. Then you chose three ways that resonate with you and record the right copy for your brand. Sing a song for your audience or record Shakespeare for the Gods darlin'. - Video this is the unit where it all comes together. the artist meets the industry. I teach you how you and a friend can put you on tape for industry auditions. You also will create a very short unplugged cell phone movie in the stylistic category of your future oscar nominated performance.

Audience Unit

     it ain't  theater if an audience doesn't see it.  You have a network today.  You might not see it like that but I will show you how to harness the power of the poeple you have  already met.
        - Friends and family
         - Industry fans
         - Your tribe
         - General audience fans  and supporters
         - Industry targets
        - Mailing service. I will walk you through setting up an email service so that you can communicate with your audience and the one on one relationships that make the greatest partnerships happen.
          - Launch.  Learn how to share big news and make it matter. 

NYU Students on AIDA :

I created my own website thanks to this class! I never would have thought I had the skill set to do that before nor the time to. I left this class with two monologues and two scenes that I am prepared to take to a general or film/tv audition should I ever need it. I am confident that these pieces represent my essence and are a great introduction to who I am I no longer fear the presence of a camera. I am confident in my abilities to quickly and efficiently prepare a cold side in an audition situation This class was soooo valuable! I learned so much about how to present myself online and make a presence for myself. Roz is so fun to be in a room with and I loved her approach to teaching I really learned a lot and Roz always gave super specific instructions and went out of her way to make sure that we really understood everything. Roz is a brilliant person, and is extremely passionate about her craft.


  • Case studies: How to turn a bad audition into an ongoing conversation. The story of marina getting a manager from the Atlanta southern region. Perhaps interview her.
    • Bookinars. I take the my favorite business and self help books, explain the key concepts, and then break them down into action steps for actors. These are the mindset shifts that change the course of your artistic life. You learn right along with me.
    • Special Guest Experts. I bring in the experts to further our education in strong images, audio production and video. That way we stay on the cutting edge of inspired to share our genius.


It goes without saying there are no guarantees so business. If you need a guarantee. I don't want you in this program

Summary here's what you get Comprehensive online experience for actors in the digital age. You learn how to develp and share your unique gifts. You get support and professional Feedback on your efforts.

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