Invitation video script

Dreams fears desires

  • You became an actor because at you were moved by someone's performance. You felt it in your body and you desired to do the very same thing (be a great actor) to have impact on people in a large way. You saw yourself playing a great character in a meaningful TV drama or a hilarious Television sitcom, working as a character actor in the top films and television projects. Or originating an iconic role in a Broadway show.

The problem

  • Here's the problem: You are trying to pay your dues so you can live your dreams and have impact but it's a mystery who are you paying your dues to! When are they paid? Who is keeping tab, and just how long does this dues paying go on?

You work so hard, invest years of time and thousands of dollars to get to just a few lines on a television show that means nothing to you. Or worse, your part gets cut out! (it's happend to me). Meanwhile you watch your friend win awards and walk the red carpet while you spend most of your time paying casting directors to look at your work.

Ouch. I just depressed myself. I mean, It's just not fair!

If any of this resonates with you. It's time to stop. Just stop. Let me help you step into your genius. Before it's too late.

The solution

  • You can live the artistic life of your dreams using the tools available to you today on the Internet. You no longer have to ask anyone's permission. By honing your craft and gaining the skills to use digital tools you can attract the people that you want to work with and build an audience that gives you the credibility and trust that those very same industry insiders need to hire you.

  • All you have to do is learn to share your skills as an actor on the Internet. What makes you stand above the others who are trying to do the same thing is your authenticity, your craft, and your willingness to take a risk.

    • What I'm talking about is creation at the intersection of technology and the arts. And you need a plan to conquer this arena.

Hey, this is not what I learned at Yale drama school. There I learned to focus only on the work. But for some....that does not get the results that you crave. So I learned more. I leared what it takes to be an artist in the digtial age. I want to teach you. Because frankly, an unexpressed actor is dead actor. And the world needs you. I made it simple. So simple that no matter how long you have been focused on your acting career old school style. That is putting all your energy into the work. I can teach you.

You have heard the sayings. Writers write. Dancers dance. Well what do actors do? They create opportunities to practice their craft and then they show up and ACT. To put it more simply actors act. Every day. They no longer wait for phone calls and special invitations. If your gift and ability is bigger than your opportunity to move the audience. It's time to wake up. Become a digital diva.

Introduction of Roz

  • My name is Rosalyn Coleman Williams and I am a Creative catalyst. My purpose is to help actors become fully expressed as artists. I want to share with you the first of many easy free ways to share your talent on the Internet using video, images, and words. I will be hosting a free call and it's all about Instagram. I booked a movie on Instagram this year. It's a SAG independent feature film and it's on its way to film festivals now. I'll show you how I did it and how you can do it too.

Call to action with Urgency

  • Let's face it your life does not get longer. "Time is the one thing God ain't making no more of" You simply cannot wait to live your life as an artist and with my free call you can start today. It's fun. It's easy. Click the button below now to sign up. Do it now because with everthing that’s happening in the world NOW more than ever we need artists to step forward and fufill their desitny as heart healers though epathtic portrails of the human spirt.

See you on the call.