Clients Speak Their Truth

Hi Roz,
I did listen until I got cut off because my phone battery ran low. Thanks.
I am the person who is not very digital. But I am stepping it up. I am running with the comment to write your own work which I am doing. Getting things produce is also a challenge.
— Tamu

I'm so excited and just ready to get messy and be open to growing and learning!

Josette Owens

I'm so excited and just ready to get messy and be open to growing and learning! Josette Owens
Roz, you’re so generous. Everything spiritual that I’ve read makes is clear than those who give it all away get more than they can imagine. It’s happening, Roz.
Jeff Kim
Great news. The audition I submitted last weekend…I didn’t get the part but the director wants me for another play reading. 

OMG! First time Meg ever used the word “excellent” in my audition! She said it was a great audition. Thanks for guiding me through the work as always.
Client Name Withheld

Hi Beautiful Roz.
Just wanted to thank you again for working in that audition with me. I got the job.
— Daniel Fox

Just wanted to let you know, they called 10 minutes after I sent over the video today and want to sign me. Thanks for all your help!
Dayla Perkins

They applauded my audition, told me to read another scene.  I made fans.
Damian Bailey

He worked with me. Call back next week! Maybe we can meet again.
Jason Fisher


Hey Roz, I just want to say thank you for your help this morning. I really took everything we worked on, kept working on it until the audition. I can say that I was fully committed in the room and the CD loved it. Thank you! I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t teach me to trust in the work
— Marina
Thanks for the reminder and inspiration! This work truly is powerful and I can't wait to get back into it!
Much love!!
Jelani Alladin 
PS. I'm very excited about the book! Ive actually auditioned for Liz and almost got cast in the short she was casting! Fantastic lady and i hope to go in for her again soon!


Hey Roz, I think it went really well:) I walked in and gave them my headshot and resume and then the guy said, “I am going to be reading with you.” Then we went through the scenes and I will be honest, it was a good read! Than the man said, “Nice read, thank you.” And I said “thank you” and left , so I feel like I did well.
— Daniella Pivetta

Thank you so much for your tangible and helpful mini course. I am doing the artists way right now, so your tips will only assist me in working and sharing.  YOU INSPIRED me to create my own video series: modern day classics. Where I shoot a classical monologue every week based in a modern day situation, setting. For example: hedda gabler in NYC social life stifled by her husbands professor-ship. Every week I'll film a monologue, in high quality, in the setting and in costume - so high quality production with no costs! (Other than costume maybe) I can bring the grace of the classics to the relate-ability of today 
Ah thank you!
Sophia Zukoski

Dear Roz,
Hello!   Thank you so much for the live webinar today "Acting in the Digital Age"! I thought it was great and the course looks like it has exactly what I need to improve my skills with technology, social media, creating structure for doing the work (play? ;) every day, AND getting it recorded!  Last and definitely not least, getting myself to actually put it out there in the world!  (the scariest part for me!) I've already signed up!
I got into USC last week.. And the big news is that I got into NYU about an hour ago. I liked NYU a lot and I know it’ll help my career. Their teachers and network are stellar, so I’m rolling! Got 75% NYU scholarship. Just committed to them. And guess what they loved the most? BOY WILLIE. and football piece too. YOU unlocked it for me
Thank you.
— Justin White
Dear Roz and Craig,
The audition went well today….we did it three ways. Regardless of whether I get the role or not, I feel that I gave a good audition and I have two of you to thank for that. Can’t say thank you enough! You two are awesome.
Catherine Baker
Hi There!
I was just thinking of you and realized I never got the opportunity to thank you for the past year of coaching. You were extremely motivating, kind, inspiring  and fearless. I appreciate everything that you have taught me and I contribute my new look on acting to you. I’m keeping this email to keep in contact with you and keep you updated on my acting career.  Hopefully we can keep in touch and work together again, I would love to take any classes you have available. Once again, thank you so much, you’ve really inspired me to become a better actress.
much love,
Emborah-Raven Thompson




Hey Roz,
Just wanted to say thank you again, the Atlanta trip paid off. The CD kept her word on keeping me in mind for the Gabrielle Union Show. They called my agent directly without me even being submitted. Thank you. You were a part of this success.
— Eddie Wardel

I have grown so much this session! Thank you Roz for helping me become a better actor after every session we have together. I can’t wait to see what comes about the next time we meet!
Marina Panagiotopoulos

Hi Roz!
It's Margaret Odette. Having fun showing them why I love these pieces and why I love acting!I  No word from Yale yet but I literally just got an email from NYU today and guess what? I'm going to NYU in the Fall for my MFA! Thanks so much for EVERYTHING! Cannot wait to work with you again soon:)