“I learned so much about new technology and tools that are super beneficial to my marketing and how to take advantage of social media...”


“Acting in the Digital Age is essential to any actor wanting to work in today’s industry. Roz and her program has helped me advance not just my on camera acting technique, but my brand as an actor, making me aware of my full potential as a storyteller in 2014! I learned how to celebrate what I was able to bring to the work and release myself into it fully. Did I mention it was fun!?”


“You forced us to examine how the world would see us, and taught us to let the industry see what we want them to see. WHICH IS SCARY! You are nuts in the most wonderful way. Your class has been the unanticipated gift of the year. I hope we get the chance to work together in the real world.”

"Acting in the Digital Age gave me the tools to procure my own auditions and book them. Thanks to Roz, I now have a digital platform though which I can showcase myself and my work to the industry"

Students on Acting In The Digital Age:


"I created my own website thanks to this class! I never would have thought I had the skill set to do that before nor the time to." 

"I left this class with two monologues and two scenes that I am prepared to take to a general or film/tv audition should I ever need it."

"I am confident that these pieces represent my essence and are a great introduction to who I am...I no longer fear the presence of a camera."

This class was soooo valuable! I learned so much about how to present myself online and make a presence for myself."

Roz is a brilliant person, and is extremely passionate about her craft.

"Roz is so fun to be in a room with, and I loved her approach to teaching...I really learned a lot and Roz always gave super specific instructions and went out of her way to make sure that we really understood everything."