Your Finishing Team 

Crystal Blake 

Hi I'm Crystal Blake I create Brand images that get results for my clients. I'm way laid-back. I've been a model for years. I have a super cool vibe and I beat face a way that's fierce. And yes I can help you pose. 

Rosalyn Williams

Hello again. I want to help you share your work with the world. I love the power of the digital age in the hands of the artist. I believe we are truly free to share ourselves and attract the people we want to work with. I have done it myself as an actor and as a creator.   I am married to the guy on the right.  Crystal Blake took these photos and she did my make up too. Let's do this. 

Crystal Blake red shirt.jpg

Craig T. Williams

I serve people by writing, producing and editing in a way that makes them shine. When my son was three he called me silly. My wife wrote this bio. I look forward to making you smile.