Too good to be true?
I thought so too.

Then I began taking online courses. I began learning. And I grew SO MUCH from what is happening online.

I'm using my experience to help a lot more people, to populate the world with more wonderful actors, and sensational stories that make us laugh, understand each others' plights, and--ultimately--know that we are not alone.

Art Matters To Me!   

I know it matters to you too.
Take Acting In The Digital Age +  get the skills you need to touch people with the stories that move you.

Work At Your Own Pace. 

Your 8 week experience is made up of:





The best part is...

...the technical-know-how is built right into the program. 
So you are wiring both sides of your brain at the same time.  This class is built for technophobic artists who took their last math class in the 10th grade!

If you're an Artist that loves and uses social media, this program will show you how to use your skills to target the people you want to work with! 

You will produce online tools that put you in the running to gain representation and book jobs:

  • a website you control

  • video and audio of you doing representative work

  • images that capture your unique essence

  • meaningful social media posts because you write from your heart....

  • ...and a responsive mailing list of fans who support your work, making you a more valuable person to hire in the entertainment industry.