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Click To Get Your Special Discount!

Click To Get Your Special Discount!


Take charge of your acting power and get started on the path to living your dreams. 

Move forward faster by applying your craft to new technology. 

I'll teach you this method in 8 easy weeks.

“I'm so excited and just ready to get messy and be open to growing and learning!” – Josette Owens


“Thank you so much Roz & Craig. Really looking forward to working with you.” – Mary Niederkorn


“Thanks, Roz! It felt so empowering and freeing to write it… It’s very helpful to hear everyone else's questions.” – Rachel Errington


“Thank you Roz and engineer Craig :-) for putting together a great program. I feel excited and ready for the journey.  Let's Go Ya'll!!!!!™” – Dee Spencer


“I've learned so much in one week already!” – Tonya Canady


“Thanks Roz and Dax for the info and help!” Jeremy Russial


“Hi Roz, I'm still here but I have been working...a lot!! Which is good I guess but not so good for the class....I must let you know that i used the tech advice that you've been giving me to get 2 roles in a small films and have just completed filming on a short film which I used the "tech" to record a monologue was just practice but it helped a great deal...happy holidays!!!” – Daniel McCormick