hello everyone......

Kaite Aymes here. 

I'm a writer and I assist Roz with program implementation. So, if I appear in a video (that's moi bumbling with About.me in the tech video) or you see a post edited with my name, you'll know who is here behind the scenes with Roz. I am in awe and inspired by all creative energy here! 


Ps. Have you picked your favorite movie and scene or moment? Mine is from Tootsie; Roz's favorite is from Love and Basketball. More soon.....


......does a photo booth accident count as a selfie ?

......does a photo booth accident count as a selfie ?


Nana Ponceleon's Commitment

I , Rosamaria Ponceleon Roman, aka Nana Ponceleon, believe I can change the world by touching and inspiring people around me through my art; so that they feel compelled to be a better person than they were before. I believe no story should go untold,they all have their truths.

I am committed to doing the work that needs to be done, and more if necessary, during these eight weeks. I am committed to working with other actors, writers and directors applying the tools I learn in this "aida" class. I am committed to becoming every day a better actor than I was the day before.

I believe my creative power can be enhansed dramatically by technology. I believe one can conquer technology to make it one's allly and not one's enemy.

I shall persist and insist.