What to do about saboteurs

These are REALLY BIG step and actions in your artistic faith.

I suggest:  THE 4 AGREEMENTS by Ruiz (4 ARTISTS)

address the naysayers that seem to pop up whenever you start to embrace your artistic/business power

"Be impeccable with your word."

not just to others but


If you block the time (and I do suggest block it.) You can reward your focused time with a convo with your needy pal.  (Women relationships can be SOOOOoo complicated and draining- consider if they are with you and for you?  Adding or draining- your precious  artistic God Blessed lifeforce)

What are YOU here to contribute?  

So much.  So very much. 

Chunk your time in at least 25 minute blocks.   

Dare to turn off the interruptions.  Unplug.  Work.  Reward. 

What can’t wait 25 minutes?

Use your timer.  

If it’s an emergency.  Tend to it. Trust yourself.  You know the difference.


I am with you dearest thespians!  



Nana Ponceleon's Commitment

I , Rosamaria Ponceleon Roman, aka Nana Ponceleon, believe I can change the world by touching and inspiring people around me through my art; so that they feel compelled to be a better person than they were before. I believe no story should go untold,they all have their truths.

I am committed to doing the work that needs to be done, and more if necessary, during these eight weeks. I am committed to working with other actors, writers and directors applying the tools I learn in this "aida" class. I am committed to becoming every day a better actor than I was the day before.

I believe my creative power can be enhansed dramatically by technology. I believe one can conquer technology to make it one's allly and not one's enemy.

I shall persist and insist.


AIDA - My Declaration and Committment

I, Dee Spencer, Declare that I am committed to rising above my fears and pressing forward to create my are and share it with the world with Confidence and Boldness.

I accept that I am talented and I do not need to feel intimidated by the talents of others. I will reconnect with my gift and passion for acting.
I commit to realizing that I have a place int the world of art and entertainment, that I will embrace with pride.

I release my insecurities to an endless void and replace it with a “Make It Happen with Power Attitude”. I will use it to enable me to be a stronger, more confident artist so that I can be the Best that I can possibly be.

I so Declare it and I so Commit to it TODAY!!

"if the work won't come to Dee, then Dee will go to work"™ Dee Spencer deespencer@me.com Let's Go Ya'll!!!!!™

My Declaration, My Commitment, My Constitution

I, James C. Stewart, believe that being an artist is the truest and most healing life one can live. The power we as artists have to change lives is astounding. Drawn to this as a very shy kid, I quickly saw and felt the difference a great piece of work could have on someone, everything from letting you release and feel emotions locked away, to laughing so hard on a day you really need to. A great story in conjunction with great storytellers has the power to change lives for the better whilst also entertain.

I am committed to working on my craft and challenging myself to push my boundaries and tell great stories, in the hope that it may help to bring more shy kids out of their shell so that they can continue the process. The ability to make people laugh & cry should not be taken lightly and I commit to learning & knowing when it is time to let someone take a break from reality & be truly entertained, and when it is time to help in someone's healing processes.

I respect that none of this can be done alone and we must always be adapting to what each new age brings. I respect all those who have told their story in the past and all those who continue to tell them, including the many who have helped & continue to help me along on this journey. Everyone has a story to tell and I look forward to continuing collaborations with others in this great business of show where entertainment can have such far reaching benefits you may never realize that you changed someone's life for the better, but just knowing that it is possible makes this all worthwhile.

We can be the change someone needs in their life. Let's work to make that happen!