Movies I Love


These are mine. What are yours? We have 2 weeks to watch half of them again. 

runners up:  eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Adaptation. Shawshank Redemption. Laurel Canyon. Lost in Translation. the kids alright. bird man. Lucy.  the Best Man. she's gotta have it. Baz Lurman's Romeo & Juliet  

The Declaration of The United Being of Robin

I, Robin Michelle Taylor, believes that I am a finished product. Like any product, I will upgrade and keep making myself better, but my talent is valuable in this market in THIS time. I come naked with my soul in my hand. Breaking off a piece for everyone to consume and be made better by the mere taste of my spirit. I declare that I commit, that I fully commit to me. By committing to value myself I can empower others, ignite passion, nurture creativity, and inspire others to follow their passion.I will follow through. I am prepared because I am whole and I am complete. Robin Michelle TaylorActress of Stage/Screen/Web/VO 

AIDA - My Declaration and Committment

I, Dee Spencer, Declare that I am committed to rising above my fears and pressing forward to create my are and share it with the world with Confidence and Boldness.

I accept that I am talented and I do not need to feel intimidated by the talents of others. I will reconnect with my gift and passion for acting.
I commit to realizing that I have a place int the world of art and entertainment, that I will embrace with pride.

I release my insecurities to an endless void and replace it with a “Make It Happen with Power Attitude”. I will use it to enable me to be a stronger, more confident artist so that I can be the Best that I can possibly be.

I so Declare it and I so Commit to it TODAY!!

"if the work won't come to Dee, then Dee will go to work"™ Dee Spencer Let's Go Ya'll!!!!!™

Declaration of Artistic Freedom

I, Dana Ellen D'Ascoli, believe that every artist has a unique story to tell and the artist needs to trust in his/her talent and the special perspective he/she brings to the story. By trusting in my own truth I share a piece of myself with the world every time I perform, thus touching people in my own individual way. Therefore no two artists are alike and that is what makes everyone's gift so special - it cannot be duplicated!

I am committed to growing as an artist and trusting that I am here for a purpose. I will live in the moment, find joy in the unknown and rediscover my passion for my true calling!

I respect that there will be ups and downs along my artistic path. With faith in myself and the process I will embrace challenges and setbacks along the way for I know that these are the building blocks of knowledge and growth!

"Life is a journey, not a destination." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Declaration to Artistic Freedom

I, Elizabeth Ann Aaron, believe that stories that entertain and move people emotionally are among our best and most powerful teachers. They are crucial for broadening the human experience and instigating positive change in the world. This is because stories told well stay with us, encourage us to take action or see something differently, and can be transformational for us as individuals, groups, even whole societies.

I am committed to letting my light shine, to having a voice, and to being the best artist I can be as I contribute to bringing important stories into the world. In doing so, I aim to help people feel connected, raise their awareness, enrich their lives, help them grow, and ultimately, influence them to make the world a kinder, healthier, more resilient place for future generations.

I respect the processes - new and old - through which art is created and shared. I respect the plans the universe has for me and all other human beings. I respect that artists are poised and wired to create work that makes a difference to people on a deep level. And I have faith that my artistic gifts and talents are meant to be shared and of service to others. This is the path I feel I was chosen for and am meant to walk. I walk it mindfully, faithfully, passionately. I walk it with curiosity, fun, and openness to possibility.