My Declaration, My Commitment, My Constitution

I, James C. Stewart, believe that being an artist is the truest and most healing life one can live. The power we as artists have to change lives is astounding. Drawn to this as a very shy kid, I quickly saw and felt the difference a great piece of work could have on someone, everything from letting you release and feel emotions locked away, to laughing so hard on a day you really need to. A great story in conjunction with great storytellers has the power to change lives for the better whilst also entertain.

I am committed to working on my craft and challenging myself to push my boundaries and tell great stories, in the hope that it may help to bring more shy kids out of their shell so that they can continue the process. The ability to make people laugh & cry should not be taken lightly and I commit to learning & knowing when it is time to let someone take a break from reality & be truly entertained, and when it is time to help in someone's healing processes.

I respect that none of this can be done alone and we must always be adapting to what each new age brings. I respect all those who have told their story in the past and all those who continue to tell them, including the many who have helped & continue to help me along on this journey. Everyone has a story to tell and I look forward to continuing collaborations with others in this great business of show where entertainment can have such far reaching benefits you may never realize that you changed someone's life for the better, but just knowing that it is possible makes this all worthwhile.

We can be the change someone needs in their life. Let's work to make that happen!

The Constitution According to Dax

I, Dax Richardson, accept that vulnerability and cold honest truth are the keys to a memorable performance and narrative of any story! To do this one must have something to say, a burning so great and so necessary that only a few can understand yet everyone knows when one sees it!

I am dedicated to learning, loving, and willfully obtaining the skill set required to instill in others the same joy of storytelling that the great actors of today have instilled in me.

I admire and revere the working process with other actors and the dynamic synthesis that occurs when a good director and good actor come together and create magic! As Blanche Dubois would say " I don't want realism, I want magic! " I intend to give the world Magic!

                                       I GOT IT, I GET IT , I'M GONE...

                                            I AM WHO I THINK I AM

The commitments!!!!

-What do I like and believe about show business?

What I like very much about show biz is that it's fun; nobody is there that doesn't want to be there, even the crew, I enjoy the opportunities and it's one of the first jobs I've ever had where there is a feeling of community ...the downside; it can be very unfair and fickle, it can exploit desperation and the fact that money is in many aspects the overriding concern which I think stifles artistic expression in the long run....

-What holds me back?

Sometimes I feel unqualified to be in such close proximity and working with experienced people whereas I'm there on a wing and a prayer....my training is minimal; courses in college, plays and scene study, a few short films and watching closely on sets where I'm merely an extra though in the 3 years since I've gotten back into the "swing" of it I've managed a quite a few featured roles where I've gotten to interact with some extremely talented people...

-What is true about the digital age?

It's the present and the future that carries the past

-What is possible in the digital/information age???

The sky is the limit; basically that's what drew me to your course and also what I learned from SAG reps, that this is a new frontier and nobody really knows where or what it will lead to...it may be a disaster but one that demands a thorough review

-What do I believe about the actors around me?

That they're struggling like me but that they're more talented than me; that they all have a basic belief that there is something deep down in them that deserves to be revealed....regardless of criticism; they're kind of like Iceland in that respect The bad? Well, they can be a little narcissistic but I'm willing to excuse that due the nature of our calling...

What are my agreements as an actor/ artist?

I agree to do what I can to achieve an end, to reach down deep inside of me and assert myself in the pursuit of excellence without regard to ego or selfish concerns To learn from those around me and employ it to the best of my ability To believe in art as a way of forging civility in society and it's reflection of the truth in humanity

What am I committed to creating in the digital age?

Visual/audio art and my growth within

As far as collaborating with other actors, writers and directors, what are my agreements?

I'm open and willing to work with anyone in the pursuit of something tangible and agreed upon, I'm all for collaboration and cooperation

My declaration of artistic freedom or constitution-

-I, daniel Patrick Mccormick believe in the spirit of artistic freedom because it is a sacred covenant between existence and immortality...how much time I have left is beyond my control and believe in never dismissing an opportunity, wether it be financial or artistic, I never refuse a job which is a vow I took when I retired from my last career, a soul crushing occupation...I'm a painter and writer as well and without fail I do something that utilizes my creativity every day... I believe deeply in artistic expression-

I'll be sketching for a new painting after I send this off....thank you for the class!!!

DP Mccormick

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Kate's Commitment

I believe that we all seek understanding and connectedness. As an actor, it is through story (whether via novel, play, screenplay, music, etc), I can play a part in helping connect people with the human condition.

I want to do what I’m afraid of in the next 8 weeks. Push really hard, let people in, trust myself and others. Ask for “favors”. See what I CAN do. I WANT TO LET MYSELF FAIL in this safe space!!

I am a channel for artistic creativity. I need to exercise my artistic muscles and let it happen and trust it will take me where I’m supposed to go. In doing that, I will let my career come to me.

I’m going to go for broke like it’s my last chance to make it happen.