Tag line sample. This add made me think of you all.


A Tag Line Can Be long or short.  But it's always an image that you can nail in one frame.  It has to feel right to you.  They capture one of your essences.  They change over time.  You digital media should deliver on the promise of your tag lines.  Use them through out your marketing.

FYI.  Think of marketing as getting known or sharing your gifts, building relationships.  It's not as nasty as it can sound.  

Love ya

Still in the work, 


Good mornTing.

This was just me using filters and images and words to express my inner selfie.  That's what I hope you are up to this week.  

This was just me using filters and images and words to express my inner selfie.  That's what I hope you are up to this week.  

Hello.  Watch your movies...about have a the one's on your list.  You will need them for the video week that's coming up.  Talk to you on Monday. Until then,  happy to answer questions here. 


Jeremy Russial's Short Bio

Hi Everyone,

Here's my current draft of my short bio. This is the version I'd use as the welcome page to my website. Let me know whatchu think!

"I was born and raised in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, home of Yuengling Beer, John O’Hara, and good old-fashioned coal!

How I came from such earthy roots and ended up an actor navigating the streets of New York City sometimes astonishes me. But truth be told, my interest in acting was sparked very early in my life...(perhaps too early)...at the ripe age of 4...when I first watched the movie Jaws (I know, what were my parents thinking??).

From Robert Shaw’s haunting account of the USS Indianapolis, to Richard Dreyfuss’ energetic quips, to the sheer adventure of the shark hunt!...the movie utterly captivated me. I would act out scenes with my two younger brothers, even prop my mattress against the bed at an angle and pretend to slide down the slippery boards of the ship into the mouth of the shark...

For a while, I kept my dream of becoming an actor a secret. However, as I grew more confident, my secret passion for acting became my not-so-secret passion, and I ultimately went on to study Theatre at Muhlenberg College, which in 2011 was ranked as the Number One undergraduate theatre department in America by the Princeton Review. I’ve also had the pleasure of studying and performing Theatre in Italy and now New York City. I’ve had the opportunity to work with established veterans of the industry such as Judd Hirsch and Kathryn Kates, and I look forward to collaborating with others! Please feel free to check out my reel and reach out if you’d like to collaborate!"

Movies I Love


These are mine. What are yours? We have 2 weeks to watch half of them again. 

runners up:  eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Adaptation. Shawshank Redemption. Laurel Canyon. Lost in Translation. the kids alright. bird man. Lucy.  the Best Man. she's gotta have it. Baz Lurman's Romeo & Juliet