Great question about headshots from Betsty

Here's another great question I got via my email. If you need to know what week we are creating something to ask. It's also on the schedule. Week for is writing like you act.  Week five is photos. 

The images we make are homemade based on your discovery of self through a series of upcoming exercises. Not the same as pro headshots. We do the images week 5. You still need traditional headshots. 


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Kate's Commitment

I believe that we all seek understanding and connectedness. As an actor, it is through story (whether via novel, play, screenplay, music, etc), I can play a part in helping connect people with the human condition.

I want to do what I’m afraid of in the next 8 weeks. Push really hard, let people in, trust myself and others. Ask for “favors”. See what I CAN do. I WANT TO LET MYSELF FAIL in this safe space!!

I am a channel for artistic creativity. I need to exercise my artistic muscles and let it happen and trust it will take me where I’m supposed to go. In doing that, I will let my career come to me.

I’m going to go for broke like it’s my last chance to make it happen.