Got another job using the tech

Hi Roz,

Just wanted to let you know that I got a small day player role on mtv show called Night... Auditioned as soon as I got home and messaged and emailed it to make sure they got the content ... They said they didn't have time to set up traditional audition session... Could this be the future of auditioning?? Sent from my iPhone

Podcast interview with Danny Cannon creator of "Gotham"

I worked with Danny’s wife Nicole and she posted this on FB this morning. A must listen to, it backs up everything that Roz is teaching us! Check it out: www.thedoorpost.com/podcasts/21-danny-cannon-writerproducerdirector-2

Movies I love...

Sorry I'm late with this but these are just a few - network, diva, jean de florette, amores perros, magnolia, punch drunk love, godfather 1&2, Venus, a mid winters tale, room with a view, blade runner, la confidential, bicycling with Moliere, my favorite year, Gallipoli, breaker morant, Henry fool, local hero, lock stock 2 broken barrels, trainspotting, millers crossing, Barton fink, city of hope (John Sayles), mo better blues, do the right thing, jungle fever, crash, talk radio, platoon, apocalypse now, wings of desire...

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My studio

Sent from my iPad this is my space...have used it as an art studio but have also used it for getting lines down when the sides are sent....I have a two big white canvases to use as a back drop for taping ....thank you for yesterday's session Roz and hope this is enough space to set up... Danny