My Declaration of Artistic Independence

I, Mary Niederkorn, accept the challenge that being an actor means: to always be truthful, to see and accept myself and others as they truly are. I believe that when I do this, human hearts can change and begin to live the destiny held for us by the Universe – to be whole and free. I respect and support what happens when I and other artists ignite their creativity. I am part of that community – it is my life’s work.

I am committed to this work no matter what challenges come my way – to always trust that there is a purpose, even in the face of apparent failure. I respect the dignity of every person’s experience and will not judge or try to change that to suit my demands. I will give myself and others permission to make mistakes. Nor will I sell myself out because of fear (either of failing OR succeeding) or laziness.

I believe that with this attitude I cannot fail. I believe that with the support of other like-minded artists we cannot fail.

“To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.” Mother Teresa

-- "Changing hearts through collaborative performance." 

I Will Be the Change I Want To See

I, Tonya Canady, believe that my entire being vibrates at a higher level when creating and sharing. I believe that to judge others is to in essence, judge myself. I believe that only my "fixed Mindset" can hold me back from accomplishing any of my goals/dreams.

I am committed to creating and sharing my life experience, talent and knowledge with the world. My journey continues to heal my wounds and may serve to help someone else.

I respect that I will make mistakes and believe I can learn and grow from them. I believe that my purpose is to heal the wounds of others.



Posting to Blog

I, Lisa Veshecco am ready, willing and able to commit fully to my artistic empowerment. I am doing this by fully participating in learning how to use the tools in the digital age and by takings steps to unleash the genius within. I practice daily the tools of my craft. I agree to tell the story's that I am guided to tell and to trust that they are important, relevant and possess the seeds to heal, nurture and prosper myself and others. There is a place for me and my "type" in the industry and I am committed to showing up in that place, empowered and in service to others. I am open to the process of collaboration with other creatives who are engaging with their minds and spirits to connect with humanity.

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Kate's Commitment

I believe that we all seek understanding and connectedness. As an actor, it is through story (whether via novel, play, screenplay, music, etc), I can play a part in helping connect people with the human condition.

I want to do what I’m afraid of in the next 8 weeks. Push really hard, let people in, trust myself and others. Ask for “favors”. See what I CAN do. I WANT TO LET MYSELF FAIL in this safe space!!

I am a channel for artistic creativity. I need to exercise my artistic muscles and let it happen and trust it will take me where I’m supposed to go. In doing that, I will let my career come to me.

I’m going to go for broke like it’s my last chance to make it happen.