Got another job using the tech

Hi Roz,

Just wanted to let you know that I got a small day player role on mtv show called Night... Auditioned as soon as I got home and messaged and emailed it to make sure they got the content ... They said they didn't have time to set up traditional audition session... Could this be the future of auditioning?? Sent from my iPhone

Hello Party People! New Content Later today.

Today's the day. I am getting new content ready to post later today. 

If you have an audition of the week I would be happy to give feed back during our call. It can be rehearsal.  As long as it's on camera and we can have the sides.  

Looking forward to our call on Monday. 


Background for home studios

An actor colleague of mine passed along a tip from his manager: use Fabriano Tiziano Sea Bright paper. It comes in 26x20 sheets which you can tape together as big as you want. You can use painter tape to put it up and take it down easily without ruining your walls. They are also very cheap - I got 10 sheets for less than $15 from Blick on-line.

James C. Stewart's update studio

G'day! I wanted to post a new pic of my little studio set up in the corner of the tiny room I now live in. Finally bought myself a little portable tripod, and got a mount for that to attach my iPhone as I will be using that as my camera for now. I took this pic with my camera option #2 - my iPad. Then in the good ol' NYC way of making do in tight spots, I got myself a little flood light which I prop up on baskets to get it high enough to get some light into that corner. This was my set up today for my Instagram videos I just shot :-)