AIDA - My Declaration and Committment

I, Dee Spencer, Declare that I am committed to rising above my fears and pressing forward to create my are and share it with the world with Confidence and Boldness.

I accept that I am talented and I do not need to feel intimidated by the talents of others. I will reconnect with my gift and passion for acting.
I commit to realizing that I have a place int the world of art and entertainment, that I will embrace with pride.

I release my insecurities to an endless void and replace it with a “Make It Happen with Power Attitude”. I will use it to enable me to be a stronger, more confident artist so that I can be the Best that I can possibly be.

I so Declare it and I so Commit to it TODAY!!

"if the work won't come to Dee, then Dee will go to work"™ Dee Spencer Let's Go Ya'll!!!!!™