Podcast interview with Danny Cannon creator of "Gotham"

I worked with Danny’s wife Nicole and she posted this on FB this morning. A must listen to, it backs up everything that Roz is teaching us! Check it out:

My bio

I put this on my page...but i never sent it into the group. Can you give me your opinion on this?

I am an actress currently living and working in Philadelphia. As a child, I dreamed of being a "star" but my real love for the craft truly started when my father had the brilliant idea to enroll his very introverted pre-teen daughter in the theatre arts training program at the historic Freedom Theatre. It was there, under the tutelage of experienced artists, such as Johnnie Hobbs Jr and Dr. Walter Dallas, that I found my voice. That's when I realized that theatre could change lives and I wanted to be a part of that.

I went on to study acting at Temple University. Thru the incredible network of artists I met during my years there, I was given the opportunity to work in some extraordinary productions in Philadelphia such as Hairspray at the Walnut Street Theatre. I was also given the chance to bring theatre into inner-city schools thru my employment with the Philadelphia Young Playwright organization.

I'm making my way thru this business the best way I know how, passionately and fearlessly.

Shai commitment



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I'm going to keep it short and sweet

I, Shai Shockley always loved performing on stage and sometimes on the big screen.  Somewhere along the way I got a little discouraged by some close family members.  I lost confidence in myself and fell of the acting horse.  Many years went by then I began to gain confidence in myself again, got back on that horse and hit the ground running.  I am now totally committed to creating the acting career I've always dreamed of.  I am confident that with these great classes it will bring me closer to my dream of being a sort after actress who's making that 6 Figure salary. I AM TOTAL COMMITTED NOW!!

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A little delayed, but nonetheless Potent! - My Declaration of Artistic Freedom!

I, Jeremy Michael Russial, believe that acting is fun. I believe a great performance can inspire people. I believe a great story can inspire people. Acting makes me feel alive. It exhilarates me. It inspires me. It makes me happy.

I’m committed to telling stories that inspire me and other people to make this world a better place.

I’m committed to creating the acting career that I dream of. I’m committed to exploring my talents as a writer. I’m committed to doing all that I can to give myself opportunities to perform in professional, paid projects that excite and inspire me – whether they are NYC stage productions or film and television projects. I’m committed to this course. I’m committed to moving past my fears and insecurities. I’m committed to being the best person and actor I can be. I’m committed to taking responsibility. I’m committed to being courageous!!!

Declaration of Artistic Freedom!

I, Josette Michi Owens, believe that now, more than ever, the world needs those artists who dare to authentically and truthfully tell stories that are entertaining, relevant, and based on truth, not what the “demographics” reveal in order to solely generate ratings and $$$.

I will no longer hold back the God-given talents and massive people skills that I’ve been blessed with in order to appease, those individuals in my life, who are motivated by fear and the status quo. It is “NO HOLDS BAR” in regard to allowing myself to create, perform and share my own point of view and storytelling as an artist.

I am committed to show up each and every day to share and to explore what God has entrusted me with, and because of my bold and fearless spirit, I will empower other artists to step up and take responsibility for their own artistic careers.

I respect that life is an adventure that is individual to each and every person so I will be loving and gentle, but uncompromising in my growth, as I merge both my artistic and technical/business sides in order to fulfill my potential as a successful and fulfilled artist/producer in the 21st Century!!!!!

Life is an adventure! Bring it on!!

The Declaration of The United Being of Robin

I, Robin Michelle Taylor, believes that I am a finished product. Like any product, I will upgrade and keep making myself better, but my talent is valuable in this market in THIS time. I come naked with my soul in my hand. Breaking off a piece for everyone to consume and be made better by the mere taste of my spirit. I declare that I commit, that I fully commit to me. By committing to value myself I can empower others, ignite passion, nurture creativity, and inspire others to follow their passion.I will follow through. I am prepared because I am whole and I am complete. Robin Michelle TaylorActress of Stage/Screen/Web/VO 

Audition of the Week

Thank you so much for posting Vanessa Williams audition of the week! It was extremely helpful to watch the set up before and the audition. It's not so intimidating to do it yourself when you have to! Not to mention, it's rare and exciting when you can watch an established professional working in their craft! I've learned so much in one week already!

Tonya Canady

A Commitment To My Artistic Journey

I, Isha Sumner, believe that as an artist, I have the privilege to create exceptional art in an imaginary world that is transcendent, truthful, and compelling. So much so, that it resonates with all human kinds, regardless of race, gender, or believes. I am committed to take the place in the artistic platform that is set before me in a way that will be inspiring and empowering. life... is been good to me!

Nana Ponceleon's Commitment

I , Rosamaria Ponceleon Roman, aka Nana Ponceleon, believe I can change the world by touching and inspiring people around me through my art; so that they feel compelled to be a better person than they were before. I believe no story should go untold,they all have their truths.

I am committed to doing the work that needs to be done, and more if necessary, during these eight weeks. I am committed to working with other actors, writers and directors applying the tools I learn in this "aida" class. I am committed to becoming every day a better actor than I was the day before.

I believe my creative power can be enhansed dramatically by technology. I believe one can conquer technology to make it one's allly and not one's enemy.

I shall persist and insist.


On Camera Audition Generals For Those who need sides to work on

Here are some generals handed out by casting folk.  They are good for on camera practice.  

Here are the  steps to practice.

Set up your studio.  

  1. Record your rehearsal.  Stop.
  2. Watch the first take.  It will be painful.  
  3. Ask yourself what does this scene  need staging wise, beats, relationship, moments, clothing, everything that will make it believable.  The only thing not to change is the location.  
  4. Make the whole thing happen in your home studio.  Like don't  move to the bed room for the bedroom scene.  Make it happen in the chair or standing.  
  5. Once you have a take you feel good about do 3 more. Watch only the last take.  
  6. Give yourself a big old X on the calendar.  You are done!




AIDA - My Declaration and Committment

I, Dee Spencer, Declare that I am committed to rising above my fears and pressing forward to create my are and share it with the world with Confidence and Boldness.

I accept that I am talented and I do not need to feel intimidated by the talents of others. I will reconnect with my gift and passion for acting.
I commit to realizing that I have a place int the world of art and entertainment, that I will embrace with pride.

I release my insecurities to an endless void and replace it with a “Make It Happen with Power Attitude”. I will use it to enable me to be a stronger, more confident artist so that I can be the Best that I can possibly be.

I so Declare it and I so Commit to it TODAY!!

"if the work won't come to Dee, then Dee will go to work"™ Dee Spencer Let's Go Ya'll!!!!!™

My Declaration of Artistic Independence

I, Mary Niederkorn, accept the challenge that being an actor means: to always be truthful, to see and accept myself and others as they truly are. I believe that when I do this, human hearts can change and begin to live the destiny held for us by the Universe – to be whole and free. I respect and support what happens when I and other artists ignite their creativity. I am part of that community – it is my life’s work.

I am committed to this work no matter what challenges come my way – to always trust that there is a purpose, even in the face of apparent failure. I respect the dignity of every person’s experience and will not judge or try to change that to suit my demands. I will give myself and others permission to make mistakes. Nor will I sell myself out because of fear (either of failing OR succeeding) or laziness.

I believe that with this attitude I cannot fail. I believe that with the support of other like-minded artists we cannot fail.

“To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.” Mother Teresa

-- "Changing hearts through collaborative performance." 

Declaration of Artistic Freedom

I, Dana Ellen D'Ascoli, believe that every artist has a unique story to tell and the artist needs to trust in his/her talent and the special perspective he/she brings to the story. By trusting in my own truth I share a piece of myself with the world every time I perform, thus touching people in my own individual way. Therefore no two artists are alike and that is what makes everyone's gift so special - it cannot be duplicated!

I am committed to growing as an artist and trusting that I am here for a purpose. I will live in the moment, find joy in the unknown and rediscover my passion for my true calling!

I respect that there will be ups and downs along my artistic path. With faith in myself and the process I will embrace challenges and setbacks along the way for I know that these are the building blocks of knowledge and growth!

"Life is a journey, not a destination." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


My Declaration, My Commitment, My Constitution

I, James C. Stewart, believe that being an artist is the truest and most healing life one can live. The power we as artists have to change lives is astounding. Drawn to this as a very shy kid, I quickly saw and felt the difference a great piece of work could have on someone, everything from letting you release and feel emotions locked away, to laughing so hard on a day you really need to. A great story in conjunction with great storytellers has the power to change lives for the better whilst also entertain.

I am committed to working on my craft and challenging myself to push my boundaries and tell great stories, in the hope that it may help to bring more shy kids out of their shell so that they can continue the process. The ability to make people laugh & cry should not be taken lightly and I commit to learning & knowing when it is time to let someone take a break from reality & be truly entertained, and when it is time to help in someone's healing processes.

I respect that none of this can be done alone and we must always be adapting to what each new age brings. I respect all those who have told their story in the past and all those who continue to tell them, including the many who have helped & continue to help me along on this journey. Everyone has a story to tell and I look forward to continuing collaborations with others in this great business of show where entertainment can have such far reaching benefits you may never realize that you changed someone's life for the better, but just knowing that it is possible makes this all worthwhile.

We can be the change someone needs in their life. Let's work to make that happen!

Rachel Errington's Declaration of Artistic Freedom

I, Rachel Errington, do believe that it is only when an artist is willing to be emotionally naked and completely vulnerable that his message can genuinely resonate with his audience. I believe that the artist has a responsibility to share his compelling stories to world. The world desperately needs art. Without it, I believe it will cease to exist. Our stories are the fabric.

I am fully committed to sharing my stories with the world in a completely authentic and vulnerable way. I hope to empower those who experience my stories and make their lives, as well as my own, richer and more joyous. I am committed to collaborating with those who can teach me how to better share my stories with the world.

I am prepared to go on this emotional and artistic journey in the digital age with an open mind and to bring forth my curious inner child, who does not understand the word “can’t”. Rachel Errington

The Constitution According to Dax

I, Dax Richardson, accept that vulnerability and cold honest truth are the keys to a memorable performance and narrative of any story! To do this one must have something to say, a burning so great and so necessary that only a few can understand yet everyone knows when one sees it!

I am dedicated to learning, loving, and willfully obtaining the skill set required to instill in others the same joy of storytelling that the great actors of today have instilled in me.

I admire and revere the working process with other actors and the dynamic synthesis that occurs when a good director and good actor come together and create magic! As Blanche Dubois would say " I don't want realism, I want magic! " I intend to give the world Magic!

                                       I GOT IT, I GET IT , I'M GONE...

                                            I AM WHO I THINK I AM

Declaration to Artistic Freedom

I, Elizabeth Ann Aaron, believe that stories that entertain and move people emotionally are among our best and most powerful teachers. They are crucial for broadening the human experience and instigating positive change in the world. This is because stories told well stay with us, encourage us to take action or see something differently, and can be transformational for us as individuals, groups, even whole societies.

I am committed to letting my light shine, to having a voice, and to being the best artist I can be as I contribute to bringing important stories into the world. In doing so, I aim to help people feel connected, raise their awareness, enrich their lives, help them grow, and ultimately, influence them to make the world a kinder, healthier, more resilient place for future generations.

I respect the processes - new and old - through which art is created and shared. I respect the plans the universe has for me and all other human beings. I respect that artists are poised and wired to create work that makes a difference to people on a deep level. And I have faith that my artistic gifts and talents are meant to be shared and of service to others. This is the path I feel I was chosen for and am meant to walk. I walk it mindfully, faithfully, passionately. I walk it with curiosity, fun, and openness to possibility.

I Will Be the Change I Want To See

I, Tonya Canady, believe that my entire being vibrates at a higher level when creating and sharing. I believe that to judge others is to in essence, judge myself. I believe that only my "fixed Mindset" can hold me back from accomplishing any of my goals/dreams.

I am committed to creating and sharing my life experience, talent and knowledge with the world. My journey continues to heal my wounds and may serve to help someone else.

I respect that I will make mistakes and believe I can learn and grow from them. I believe that my purpose is to heal the wounds of others.



Posting to Blog

I, Lisa Veshecco am ready, willing and able to commit fully to my artistic empowerment. I am doing this by fully participating in learning how to use the tools in the digital age and by takings steps to unleash the genius within. I practice daily the tools of my craft. I agree to tell the story's that I am guided to tell and to trust that they are important, relevant and possess the seeds to heal, nurture and prosper myself and others. There is a place for me and my "type" in the industry and I am committed to showing up in that place, empowered and in service to others. I am open to the process of collaboration with other creatives who are engaging with their minds and spirits to connect with humanity.