Made On iPhone Sneak peak

This is the film Alexis made.  It was made with available resources. iPhone 6 Plus. Filmic Pro App. We did use a mic and zoom recorder. She did set and costume herself. I did a basic edit. Nothing fancy on Final cut pro X.

I will be inviting you all to a screening of all 7 iphone films.  I am just showing you this one because I love it and she's a brand new actor and writing and content creator.  I am just so proud of what she was able to accomplish. It really shows off her abilities and interest as an artist.  So she has something to show people and that experience that the industry today demands.  

Background for home studios

An actor colleague of mine passed along a tip from his manager: use Fabriano Tiziano Sea Bright paper. It comes in 26x20 sheets which you can tape together as big as you want. You can use painter tape to put it up and take it down easily without ruining your walls. They are also very cheap - I got 10 sheets for less than $15 from Blick on-line.

Buying a Tripod

Hi everyone! Any suggestions on where I might buy an economic 72" tripod in NYC? So far I've checked Best Buy, B&H Photo, and 42nd Street Photo. Unfortunately none of them carry lower-priced 72" tripods. I would go for a shorter tripod but alas...I'm 6'3". I'd love to buy the 72" tripod Roz recommended - the Professional PRO 72" Super Strong Tripod from Amazon, but unless I pay an arm and a leg for shipping it seems I could potentially be waiting 2 weeks to receive it.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a NYC store and/or online retailer that might sell economic 72" tripods? Or shall I bite the bullet and wait patiently for the Professional PRO 72" Super Strong Tripod from Amazon?

Thanks everyone!

James C. Stewart's update studio

G'day! I wanted to post a new pic of my little studio set up in the corner of the tiny room I now live in. Finally bought myself a little portable tripod, and got a mount for that to attach my iPhone as I will be using that as my camera for now. I took this pic with my camera option #2 - my iPad. Then in the good ol' NYC way of making do in tight spots, I got myself a little flood light which I prop up on baskets to get it high enough to get some light into that corner. This was my set up today for my Instagram videos I just shot :-)

Audition of the week submission needed

Does anyone have an audition they put on tape they would like me to review? Just email me the sides and a link to the video and I will review it during our call.   You have a  week to get it to me.  

email me at   



Dana's great Studio Questions

2.       The LimoStudio-Photography Photo Portrait Studio Kit – if I buy this do I still need a camera light or do these lights replace that?

Yes.  You don't need both.

3.       The Pro 72” Super Strong Tripod – will this work with a small point and shoot camera or do I need to buy some sort of attachment to secure my camera onto the tripod?  I have a small canon digital camera that takes videos and I will probably start with that first and see how it works before purchasing the camcorder.




Does your camera have a  tripod mount? This is a hole (about 0.5" wide) with screw threads. Most cameras have these. If your camera has it your are good to go!

1.       The Cowboy Studio Reversible Pop Out Background – what is the size on that?  Nothing on Amazon is $34.77 for this product.  It must have gone up and now there is one for $48.22 (4x6) and another for $52.07 (5x7).  Also, do I need to buy something to hold it up or can I lean it against a wall?

Yes. You can lean it.  Bigger is better. ( Warning folding back up can be a nightmare. I have to google a video to show me how to fold it.)  Depending on your wall you might need a clamp to hold it in place. I just lean mine because there's nothing on the wall.


My studio

Sent from my iPad this is my space...have used it as an art studio but have also used it for getting lines down when the sides are sent....I have a two big white canvases to use as a back drop for taping ....thank you for yesterday's session Roz and hope this is enough space to set up... Danny

On Camera Audition Generals For Those who need sides to work on

Here are some generals handed out by casting folk.  They are good for on camera practice.  

Here are the  steps to practice.

Set up your studio.  

  1. Record your rehearsal.  Stop.
  2. Watch the first take.  It will be painful.  
  3. Ask yourself what does this scene  need staging wise, beats, relationship, moments, clothing, everything that will make it believable.  The only thing not to change is the location.  
  4. Make the whole thing happen in your home studio.  Like don't  move to the bed room for the bedroom scene.  Make it happen in the chair or standing.  
  5. Once you have a take you feel good about do 3 more. Watch only the last take.  
  6. Give yourself a big old X on the calendar.  You are done!