Do you want Roz to Build Your Website- Free During The Call?


THIS OFFER IS OPEN TO ALL AIDA members past and present . $260 Value


You must have:  

  • tag lines. (5-7)
  • Choice of your name and subtitle. 
  • Welcome Bio
  • 1 blog entree or Spark Story.  Or Fan Letter to publish. 
  • Images to go with tag lines in proper size. 1500 pix wide max 2 mb
  • Videos, Audios
  • PDF of acting resume.  
  • A clear understanding of who you are trying to attract to your site and and what you want to share with them. 
  • What would make them want to come back to your site. 
  • 2 Colors choices  At least
  • 2 Font choices. They should be complimentary 
    • One for headlines 
    • One for other text. 
  • Choose  a few sites to show me what you like 
  • Choose a few Squarespace  templates you like. 
  • You will need your social media accounts username and passwords

Submit and be on the call. I will randomly chose one for a live website build.  Might take up to 2 hours.  Should be fun.