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  • A clear understanding of who you are trying to attract to your site and and what you want to share with them. 
  • What would make them want to come back to your site. 
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Made On iPhone Sneak peak

This is the film Alexis made.  It was made with available resources. iPhone 6 Plus. Filmic Pro App. We did use a mic and zoom recorder. She did set and costume herself. I did a basic edit. Nothing fancy on Final cut pro X.

I will be inviting you all to a screening of all 7 iphone films.  I am just showing you this one because I love it and she's a brand new actor and writing and content creator.  I am just so proud of what she was able to accomplish. It really shows off her abilities and interest as an artist.  So she has something to show people and that experience that the industry today demands.  

Tread lightly spark story warning.

Fixed the link.  So the transcript is  good to good to go.  In it I talk about the gut check. And that you want to reveal your truth but not abuse yourself.   People who have particularly emotional sparks tread lightly. You must have real world support to take this risk. IE. A therapist  (7 years myself) or life coach (in and out of life coaching myself) to have processed your stuff. If you have never come to terms with your past and it triggers you, it's probably not meant to be shared. 

Personally a one woman show emerged from one of my childhood sparks. Like the memior it's true, but would never hold up in court. We tell it so it's crafted and entertaining and mush characters and incidents together for dramatic effect. But the truth is there in a big way. It is the impact that we leave with the audience and it's also the foundation of the work.  It is at it's core writing like you act.  

Remember when you first started taking acting classes before you picked up a text and you did basic exercises getting to know yourself?   It harkens back to that time.  (This is if you of course for those who were trained in this way.)

Everybody: Eat the fish and spit out the bones.

You are the president of your artistic country.