Tag line sample. This add made me think of you all.


A Tag Line Can Be long or short.  But it's always an image that you can nail in one frame.  It has to feel right to you.  They capture one of your essences.  They change over time.  You digital media should deliver on the promise of your tag lines.  Use them through out your marketing.

FYI.  Think of marketing as getting known or sharing your gifts, building relationships.  It's not as nasty as it can sound.  

Love ya

Still in the work, 


Made On iPhone Sneak peak

This is the film Alexis made.  It was made with available resources. iPhone 6 Plus. Filmic Pro App. We did use a mic and zoom recorder. She did set and costume herself. I did a basic edit. Nothing fancy on Final cut pro X.

I will be inviting you all to a screening of all 7 iphone films.  I am just showing you this one because I love it and she's a brand new actor and writing and content creator.  I am just so proud of what she was able to accomplish. It really shows off her abilities and interest as an artist.  So she has something to show people and that experience that the industry today demands.  

Tread lightly spark story warning.

Fixed the link.  So the transcript is  good to good to go.  In it I talk about the gut check. And that you want to reveal your truth but not abuse yourself.   People who have particularly emotional sparks tread lightly. You must have real world support to take this risk. IE. A therapist  (7 years myself) or life coach (in and out of life coaching myself) to have processed your stuff. If you have never come to terms with your past and it triggers you, it's probably not meant to be shared. 

Personally a one woman show emerged from one of my childhood sparks. Like the memior it's true, but would never hold up in court. We tell it so it's crafted and entertaining and mush characters and incidents together for dramatic effect. But the truth is there in a big way. It is the impact that we leave with the audience and it's also the foundation of the work.  It is at it's core writing like you act.  

Remember when you first started taking acting classes before you picked up a text and you did basic exercises getting to know yourself?   It harkens back to that time.  (This is if you of course for those who were trained in this way.)

Everybody: Eat the fish and spit out the bones.

You are the president of your artistic country. 

Got another job using the tech

Hi Roz,

Just wanted to let you know that I got a small day player role on mtv show called Night... Auditioned as soon as I got home and messaged and emailed it to make sure they got the content ... They said they didn't have time to set up traditional audition session... Could this be the future of auditioning?? Sent from my iPhone

Podcast interview with Danny Cannon creator of "Gotham"

I worked with Danny’s wife Nicole and she posted this on FB this morning. A must listen to, it backs up everything that Roz is teaching us! Check it out: www.thedoorpost.com/podcasts/21-danny-cannon-writerproducerdirector-2

video samples for inspiration


These actors used their characters discovered through the use of tagline and essences.




Kelechi Ezie: The Truth about Beauty and Blogs.


Actor's reel created with characters from taglines.


Rosie duPont as Beatrice Candide FACES Iss. 3 Released February 20, 2014


Shai commitment



On Nov 10, 2014 4:20 PM, "shaishock1" <shaishock1@verizon.net> wrote:

I'm going to keep it short and sweet

I, Shai Shockley always loved performing on stage and sometimes on the big screen.  Somewhere along the way I got a little discouraged by some close family members.  I lost confidence in myself and fell of the acting horse.  Many years went by then I began to gain confidence in myself again, got back on that horse and hit the ground running.  I am now totally committed to creating the acting career I've always dreamed of.  I am confident that with these great classes it will bring me closer to my dream of being a sort after actress who's making that 6 Figure salary. I AM TOTAL COMMITTED NOW!!

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Jeremy Russial's Short Bio

Hi Everyone,

Here's my current draft of my short bio. This is the version I'd use as the welcome page to my website. Let me know whatchu think!

"I was born and raised in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, home of Yuengling Beer, John O’Hara, and good old-fashioned coal!

How I came from such earthy roots and ended up an actor navigating the streets of New York City sometimes astonishes me. But truth be told, my interest in acting was sparked very early in my life...(perhaps too early)...at the ripe age of 4...when I first watched the movie Jaws (I know, what were my parents thinking??).

From Robert Shaw’s haunting account of the USS Indianapolis, to Richard Dreyfuss’ energetic quips, to the sheer adventure of the shark hunt!...the movie utterly captivated me. I would act out scenes with my two younger brothers, even prop my mattress against the bed at an angle and pretend to slide down the slippery boards of the ship into the mouth of the shark...

For a while, I kept my dream of becoming an actor a secret. However, as I grew more confident, my secret passion for acting became my not-so-secret passion, and I ultimately went on to study Theatre at Muhlenberg College, which in 2011 was ranked as the Number One undergraduate theatre department in America by the Princeton Review. I’ve also had the pleasure of studying and performing Theatre in Italy and now New York City. I’ve had the opportunity to work with established veterans of the industry such as Judd Hirsch and Kathryn Kates, and I look forward to collaborating with others! Please feel free to check out my reel and reach out if you’d like to collaborate!"

MONDAY CALL Questions and Answers

Hey AiDA 2014 Family members!

Looking forward to connecting  to each of you this on Monday.  If you have not yet been on a call and don't know about Zoom.  Click here to watch a video about it now so you will be good to go for the call.   

Love, ROZ

PS.  If you can't make it,  don't worry.  The call will be recorded for your convenience.  Email be your question in advance and I will answer it on the call.  




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Topic: Acting In The Digital Age

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Questions and Answers  Call 2

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What to do about saboteurs

These are REALLY BIG step and actions in your artistic faith.

I suggest:  THE 4 AGREEMENTS by Ruiz (4 ARTISTS)

address the naysayers that seem to pop up whenever you start to embrace your artistic/business power

"Be impeccable with your word."

not just to others but


If you block the time (and I do suggest block it.) You can reward your focused time with a convo with your needy pal.  (Women relationships can be SOOOOoo complicated and draining- consider if they are with you and for you?  Adding or draining- your precious  artistic God Blessed lifeforce)

What are YOU here to contribute?  

So much.  So very much. 

Chunk your time in at least 25 minute blocks.   

Dare to turn off the interruptions.  Unplug.  Work.  Reward. 

What can’t wait 25 minutes?

Use your timer.  

If it’s an emergency.  Tend to it. Trust yourself.  You know the difference.


I am with you dearest thespians!