Spark Story

About Me and My Spark:

The moment that crystallized my acting journey was years and years ago. When my family and I went to see our cousin Virginia Louise Smith Houston Act in the play The Detective Story in New York City. I remember the theater being very intimate, the scene was set up like a detective office. The moment that stuck out in my mind is my cousin scenes. Her husband found out about her affair. Her character and her husbands character were having a conversation. Her husband had found out what she had done. She was admitting to what she had done. In that moment when she conveyed her emotions really inspired me. In that moment she wasn't my cousin anymore, she became that character. She was crying she was admitting to what she had done. She was telling the that moment of telling the truth I wanted to be her character in the scene. I didn't realize it at the time, but I found my Neverland. I was transported into a world of creativity and inspiration.

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