Call # 1 July 13 Summer.

Chat Text. 

13:54:50     From Jenny Schuck : Hey George!
13:54:59     From George : Can you see this? No camera :(
13:56:00     From Jenny Schuck : Aw bummer. I can see your chat but not you. There’s a block for you that says George, just you’re not in it.
13:56:52     From George : Hi Prairie....I'm George...good to meet you
13:57:06     From Jenny Schuck : Can you hear us?
13:57:26     From George : Yes I can hear you 
13:58:15     From George : Very hot in NYC too
13:58:20     From Jenny Schuck : Cool.
14:02:25     From George : Hi guys...I'm George webcam. I'm in Brooklyn NY and whats important to me is Film, TV and stage. Getting a website that gets my "product" out there working for me!! 
14:02:46     From George : Thanks for having me
14:05:48     From Rosalyn Williams :
14:09:10     From George : Question...I'm getting new headshots soon...will that be covered as part of our AIDA sessions?
14:09:47     From George : I cant hear you either
14:10:42     From George : :)
14:10:51     From George : Thank you!!
14:15:18     From bunnywoman : Hi Chris!  So glad to meet you on the chat!  I’ve seen your name all over FB so I am glad to see your face.
14:19:18     From George : ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14:19:24     From George : Hand raised!!!!!!!!!!!
14:19:26     From Jenny Schuck : ME too!Hey Chris! It’s Jenny from Karen’s class. George is taking this too.
14:19:33     From bunnywoman : Roz,I may have forgotten this, but is the meeting number the same for all the zoom calls?
14:21:02     From Chris Lindsay-Abaire : Oh cool - great to see you two here!
14:21:34     From George : Great to see you too Chris!!!
14:25:03     From Chris Lindsay-Abaire : Data is very easy to go over on - we just learned the hard way!
14:36:20     From Jenny Schuck : Hey Roz, it says my video has been stopped by the host. I’ve been trying to fix. Can you check on your end?
14:49:48     From George : Wow
14:51:12     From George : Lets see!!
14:51:36     From George : I can see
14:55:17     From George : It occurs to me that she has researched that genre/audition!! Very talented! Is dressing close to the role, a good idea for taping auditions?
14:56:14     From George : As long as it's not too much and doesn't distract
14:56:31     From George : Ok
14:57:34     From George : Ok...note for self....cleavage too distracting
14:57:36     From George : thanks!
14:58:03     From George : Ok...I'll show sleavage next time...Thanks
14:58:04     From Jenny Schuck : Roz, if we’re doing the Zoom In Acting class, should we be on that call at 4pm? When does the class start?
14:58:35     From Jenny Schuck : Cool thanks
14:58:49     From Chris Lindsay-Abaire : Where can I find more info about the Zoom in Acting class?
14:58:55     From George : Thursday at 4pm...same place...same log in number?
15:00:47     From Rosalyn Williams :
15:02:13     From Rosalyn Williams :
15:02:38     From Chris Lindsay-Abaire : Aw wish I could join in, sounds amazing! I have pick up from day camp at 4:40pm every day for my son - maybe next time around!
15:02:52     From Rosalyn Williams :
15:03:56     From George : BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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