AIDA Q& A Call

14:30:54     From Evelyn : Hi Roz!  This is Evelyn.  I was traveling a lot these last couple of months and missed most of the program  :(   I was on one call in the very beginning and this call.  Can you tell me how can I still “do the program” now that it will be over?  (I’m a little shy which is why my video is blocked lol, as you can see I can really use this program!!!)
14:34:54     From Rosalyn Williams :
14:35:54     From Rosalyn Williams :
14:49:11     From Evelyn : Roz I would love your opinion!   I was told by someone here in NY that practically nobody does the bi-coastal thing (LA & NY) with commercials or commercial print.  She said they are based in either once coast or the other.   I’m from NYC  :) but have been spending time out in LA too (cause my boyfriend lives there).  I shot my head shots with a photographer in LA last month who wants to send me to 3 agents in LA at CESD who are LA based agents.  I don’t like being told something isn’t possible lol.  Do you really think it’s true that it’s not possible to sign up with an agency like CESD if I’m bi-coastal?  Thank you SO MUCH!!!!
14:49:28     From Mary Goggin : did Richard do this by himself
15:17:30     From Rosalyn Williams : will Vaultz  photography
15:18:36     From Rosalyn Williams : David Beda
15:18:41     From Rosalyn Williams : Beyda
15:19:03     From Rosalyn Williams : midtown
15:20:37     From Rosalyn Williams : John Sudol

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