I Madeline McCray, am an inspired artist on a mission to realize my dreams! I am committed to creating works that elevates our individual and collective humanness. As a storyteller, my desire is to soothe troubled spirits, empower souls who feel lost and restore hope’s light to places where dark clouds of despair have overshadowed its mighty presence. My actress-self is fully committed to seeking the truth in character portrayals. I’m committed to spreading joy, laughter and loving feelings through all forms of artistic expression. I’m honored when creating with kindred spirits and look forward to building more relationships!

What I know’s technology has stripped the gatekeepers of their power to deny anyone access to opportunities to reach audiences. I am committed to learning and executing ALL that I learn from AIDA. Thank you Roz, for being you and for creating this wonderful platform!

My dreams are my legacy. My legacy matters.

Madeline McCray

“Where you start isn't nearly as important as where you finish." -Zig Ziglar