My Short Bio Draft.

Hello, to all my future casting directors and fellow actors. My name is Abigail Erin Farmer. Who I'am you may ask? Well I'am an Actress ,artist, singer, daughter, sister,and great friend and animal lover. Born and raised in Pottersville New Jersey. My acting training began at Centenary College, in Hackettstown New Jersey where I majored in theater arts with acting concentration,my training continued with taking classes at actors connection in NYC and taking a nine week acting on film course at the New York Film Academy. I have worked with several acting coaches including Roz Coleman William's, currently I am working one on one with an acting coach by the Name of Sean David Johnson and I am also taking Roz's Acting in the digital age acting course which I am finding very helpful and inspiring. After I complete this course, what I would love to happen next in my career is to have leading and support roles in major motion pictures and/or independent films. I will peruse this goal by continuing to study acting and voice. I will take on as many auditioning opportunities as I can from student films to advertisements and theater.I am hopeful that in three years I will have small or supporting roles In films. In five years with continued acting training, I'm hoping to have grown from having small or supporting roles to leading roles. At the end of ten years, I'm hopeful to be a successful working actress.

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