Found Key Questions and started before I was ready...freedom from thinking about it

I now commit to starting before I am ready…

Thank you Roz…every day I would get AIDA posts and had no clue as to the task descriptions.

Thanks to your individual attention (love) I have my home page access.. to weekly tasks and I was able to begin with my

Key questions for Mary Goggin the person

I am the eldest daughter of Irish Emigrants, made of fire.

I am courageous.

My greatest achievement is my beautiful, authentic daughter.

My deepest wounds originate in the potato famine.

I want and need to create my one-person show and finish my book. I want to heal others and myself thru humor. My experience is that my sometimes brutal honesty gives others permission to be honest with themselves.

What keeps me from starting is that I never feel ready…now I realize ..I need to start before I am ready!!!

I must do now or I never will. I risk friendships and popularity with family by being true to myself.

My biggest fear is being on my deathbed saying …I wish I had…

My heart is filled with gratitude for my support group..actors, artists and oh!!! lots of nuns (really) and lots of drunks..

It is my honor to be there for them all.

To follow answers to Key Questions for Mary Goggin the artist..

Mary Goggin sag aftra- aea cell: 917-825-4826 fax; 347-810-1710 view my reel at: