Short Bio 1st Draft!

Welcome future collaborators! My passion as an artist knows no bounds and I have been fortunate to portray fearless women with a hint of mystery, so if you want a vivacious actress full of fortitude, vulnerability, and wit I'm your lady.

My MFA in Acting and a BFA in Musical Theater have given me a solid foundation and the freedom to play, take risks, and make bold choices from a place of confidence. My training has also fueled my passion for travel and led me researching Jane Austen in the English countryside and exploring the cultural richness of Ireland. Like a curious traveler I approach my work as an actor with the confidence to explore the unknown.

A few years ago I took a road trip to the Grand Canyon. I remember getting out of the car, following the trail through the brush, and this majestic landscape opened up before me. Having grown up in Atlanta, Ga it was like nothing I had ever seen before in my life, it was truly breathtaking. As I stood on the side of the Canyon I remember thinking two things: 1) It would really suck if I tripped on a rock and fell off the side of the Grand Canyon plunging to my death and 2) I wish I had someone special to share this moment with. That memory reminds me to make each moment count and my goal as an actor is to create incredible moments to share.

Thankfully I've had the opportunity to collaborate with directors and theaters who share my vision of bringing magic to the masses such as Westport Country Playhouse, McCarter Theater, Utah Shakespeare Festival, and the Alliance Theater. Who knows maybe my next collaboration will be with you, so if you're open to it let's tell a story together.

Cheers! Nakeisha Daniel