My Artistic Declaration Of freedom, Artistic Commitment,Artistic Beliefs

I Abigail Erin Farmer, believe that each director in this business wants to find a way to tell a particular kind of story. They do this by capturing it on film to make the world that they have created come to life. Along with choosing particular types of actors and actress's to help bring the characters of that story to life. When I see really great actors and directors working together either on stage or on film that's were I believe the magic happens and that's why I wanted to become an actress because I want to be apart of creating that magic. Finally I believe that there are actors and directors that have instant chemistry which makes them great to work with. My artistic commitments : I am fully committed to creating a strong and powerful acting demo reel that I can use in auditions to get great solid acting work. I intend to blossom and bloom as an actor and artist by taking charge of my career and really making the most of this wonderful opportunity of working with Rozylan Coleman William's acting in the digital age eight week on line course. Artistic Agreements: My artistic agreements for this eight week online acting course are to 1 practice everyday 2 act from the heart to make the work look effortless 3 discipline my self to working very hard on my craft. 4 have fun with it, run with it ! Sent from my iPad