A great response from Susan to the question.... Why are you not sharing?

By sharing, I mean, until now why have you not jumped into the social revolution (twitter, facebook et al)  If you are sharing then this does not apply to you.  But if it does.  What has held you back....  This is Susan's response.


I was saying it’s the “exposure issue” The enormity of the internet and all the nuts out there too!! You cannot control or safeguard who you are
sharing with…It’s the “throwing the spaghetti on the wall syndrome… and let’s see what sticks posture” It feels so random AND so anonymous…The initial fear is of one’s lack of confidence
that they are worthy and interesting… or maybe you just risk it all and do it and see what comes back….???

Thank you Susan.   You stir the pot.  More later....

So... what about you?   

Rosalyn Coleman Williams

An aritist who loves the grind. A teacher who learns. A mother who is babied by her boys. A traveler on life's journey.