How to avoid overwhelm... For Susan

Susan said she was feeling overwhelmed. She also asked about how much time the friend had to commit to.

You only need a friend sometimes. Not all exercises require a friend.  If you are shooting on your phone and don't have way to hold it.  They friend comes in handy.

The friend- does not have to be a big deal.  When I ask a friend (usually my non-acting neighbor who loves theatre.) to help me shoot an audition or read with me. I always say… 

"Do you have 45 minutes to read with me?   From 9- 945pm.  NO PRESSURE.  (I love you the same if you say no)"

I spend 15 minutes warming up.  SO I don’t waste their time.  Then I set a timer so they can leave at the appointed time.

Sometimes I get my neighbor or husband to read with me. My neighbor tends to be easier than my husband.   Someone to read with for your rehearsal is great.  But if push comes to shove I use the iPhone app called REHEARSAL made by David H. Lawrence. He's an actor and the app can be recorded into so you read with it.  Very clever .

All The equipment is available on AMAZON for the homemade studio.  


Look at the humble studios other people set up. 


The way to keep from feeling overwhelmed is to plan to do  only what feels good.  A little stretch is good- PAIN is not.  

Most of all.  Stay PLAYFUL and keep your humor about the tech. Come back  another day if you get frustrated. 

And best of all.  ASK FOR HELP when you need it.  

TOP saying mean things about yourself if your tech goes wrong.  Treat yourself with the kindness you would treat a friend with. 

Carry on!



Rosalyn Coleman Williams

An aritist who loves the grind. A teacher who learns. A mother who is babied by her boys. A traveler on life's journey.