On Camera Audition Generals For Those who need sides to work on

Here are some generals handed out by casting folk.  They are good for on camera practice.  

Here are the  steps to practice.

Set up your studio.  

  1. Record your rehearsal.  Stop.
  2. Watch the first take.  It will be painful.  
  3. Ask yourself what does this scene  need staging wise, beats, relationship, moments, clothing, everything that will make it believable.  The only thing not to change is the location.  
  4. Make the whole thing happen in your home studio.  Like don't  move to the bed room for the bedroom scene.  Make it happen in the chair or standing.  
  5. Once you have a take you feel good about do 3 more. Watch only the last take.  
  6. Give yourself a big old X on the calendar.  You are done!




Rosalyn Coleman Williams

An aritist who loves the grind. A teacher who learns. A mother who is babied by her boys. A traveler on life's journey.