Rachel Errington's Declaration of Artistic Freedom

I, Rachel Errington, do believe that it is only when an artist is willing to be emotionally naked and completely vulnerable that his message can genuinely resonate with his audience. I believe that the artist has a responsibility to share his compelling stories to world. The world desperately needs art. Without it, I believe it will cease to exist. Our stories are the fabric.

I am fully committed to sharing my stories with the world in a completely authentic and vulnerable way. I hope to empower those who experience my stories and make their lives, as well as my own, richer and more joyous. I am committed to collaborating with those who can teach me how to better share my stories with the world.

I am prepared to go on this emotional and artistic journey in the digital age with an open mind and to bring forth my curious inner child, who does not understand the word “can’t”. Rachel Errington