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Hi there,

You are invited to a Zoom meeting now.

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:
Or join by phone:

    +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll)
    Meeting ID: 955 654 7212
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Debbie playing catch-up

Hey Roz and AIDA folks, I haven't yet posted answers to assignments yet, but I am happy to share today that it's because I've been doing a lot of writing! I finished a second draft of my Mother one-woman show, and am tweaking it now. I also have gotten involved in project with some folks (one I've known a long time) who are above my level in terms of influence, and we've had a great conference call and I am essentially  the head writer.  I have already completed a 10 minute play with the woman I know, and have reached out to another friend at New Dramatists for ways to protect my work and advice on where to go and what to join. On the tech front, I've started buying equipment for my home studio!  Very excited about this.  I will get it all set up when I return from vacation. And Roz, you will be excited to know that I got and iPhone 6 so I can truly move into the digital age!!!  For those of you with AT&T contracts, you should know that the retention department of that company is your friend and will help you get an upgraded phone if you are near the end of your contract and willing to sign another. It greatly reduced the price. I find that AIDA is going a bit slower than I had hoped, but that is one of my goals: to allow myself the time that it takes to do a thing thoroughly.  Statements, commitments and all will be forthcoming. Finally, I have been supporting a lot of friends by going to see their projects.  I know this is an obvious thing, but by doing this, the networking that presents itself with no effort is amazing!!!!!   See you soon on the call.  and thanks for all your courage, inspiration and advice. Deborah "a bucket of fun and a box of trouble!"

Meet this gal at Actor Intro!  Meet MADALYN--Deborah's short film! LIKE her on Facebook! 

question on alternate careers

Hey Roz, If you have an alternate career going, should you combine it with acting when it comes to social media. website, etc.? I had thought yes but now I'm not sure. I'm a yoga teacher and I have a tiny bit of a following. I feel kind of weird posting the 15 second intro videos on my Instagram account - as my followers are there because of yoga - but should I just get over that and combine my yoga and acting careers? Thanks, Jenny

Hover Question

Hi Roz, I'm ready to purchase my domain name on the Hover site, but have a question about the email options they offer on the checkout page. Do you recommend adding "email forwards" or a mailbox option? They offer small and large mailboxes. Thank you and looking forward to Monday's call! ChrisChris Lindsay-Abaire 917.771.6359


Call # 1 July 13 Summer.

Chat Text. 

13:54:50     From Jenny Schuck : Hey George!
13:54:59     From George : Can you see this? No camera :(
13:56:00     From Jenny Schuck : Aw bummer. I can see your chat but not you. There’s a block for you that says George, just you’re not in it.
13:56:52     From George : Hi Prairie....I'm George...good to meet you
13:57:06     From Jenny Schuck : Can you hear us?
13:57:26     From George : Yes I can hear you 
13:58:15     From George : Very hot in NYC too
13:58:20     From Jenny Schuck : Cool.
14:02:25     From George : Hi guys...I'm George webcam. I'm in Brooklyn NY and whats important to me is Film, TV and stage. Getting a website that gets my "product" out there working for me!! 
14:02:46     From George : Thanks for having me
14:05:48     From Rosalyn Williams :
14:09:10     From George : Question...I'm getting new headshots soon...will that be covered as part of our AIDA sessions?
14:09:47     From George : I cant hear you either
14:10:42     From George : :)
14:10:51     From George : Thank you!!
14:15:18     From bunnywoman : Hi Chris!  So glad to meet you on the chat!  I’ve seen your name all over FB so I am glad to see your face.
14:19:18     From George : ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14:19:24     From George : Hand raised!!!!!!!!!!!
14:19:26     From Jenny Schuck : ME too!Hey Chris! It’s Jenny from Karen’s class. George is taking this too.
14:19:33     From bunnywoman : Roz,I may have forgotten this, but is the meeting number the same for all the zoom calls?
14:21:02     From Chris Lindsay-Abaire : Oh cool - great to see you two here!
14:21:34     From George : Great to see you too Chris!!!
14:25:03     From Chris Lindsay-Abaire : Data is very easy to go over on - we just learned the hard way!
14:36:20     From Jenny Schuck : Hey Roz, it says my video has been stopped by the host. I’ve been trying to fix. Can you check on your end?
14:49:48     From George : Wow
14:51:12     From George : Lets see!!
14:51:36     From George : I can see
14:55:17     From George : It occurs to me that she has researched that genre/audition!! Very talented! Is dressing close to the role, a good idea for taping auditions?
14:56:14     From George : As long as it's not too much and doesn't distract
14:56:31     From George : Ok
14:57:34     From George : Ok...note for self....cleavage too distracting
14:57:36     From George : thanks!
14:58:03     From George : Ok...I'll show sleavage next time...Thanks
14:58:04     From Jenny Schuck : Roz, if we’re doing the Zoom In Acting class, should we be on that call at 4pm? When does the class start?
14:58:35     From Jenny Schuck : Cool thanks
14:58:49     From Chris Lindsay-Abaire : Where can I find more info about the Zoom in Acting class?
14:58:55     From George : Thursday at 4pm...same place...same log in number?
15:00:47     From Rosalyn Williams :
15:02:13     From Rosalyn Williams :
15:02:38     From Chris Lindsay-Abaire : Aw wish I could join in, sounds amazing! I have pick up from day camp at 4:40pm every day for my son - maybe next time around!
15:02:52     From Rosalyn Williams :
15:03:56     From George : BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey guys

Roz and guys,

Great class today. Lots of information and it was fun!!

Here's the link to the photographer I'm doing a session with:

I'd definitely love to get feedback on him, Roz. My current headshots are good but people say that they aren't "Me." Too studio-ish, I guess. Billy Bustamente takes indoor/outdoor shots and captures the actor's /essence/ versus showcasing glamour images.

Thanks guys!!


P.S. Anyone get their domain name yet?

First post

Hi everyone,

My Goals:

To leave the world transformed through my acting performances.

To give in every audition, performance and with every scene partner; a full, deep and connected experience that elevates the text in "us" to Shakespearean-deserved heights.

To create a constantly growing and connected life with who I want to work with using digital tools that work for me, even while I sleep.

To breathe life and hope in every moment and with every human being I reach, even myself.

George Newton

A Declaration of Artistic Freedom

I, Jenny Schuck, believe that when artists embrace the occupation of working hard to develop characters fully enveloped in their world, their circumstances and their situations, audiences are bound to throw out their perceptions and see what is real. This, in turn, leads to understanding of each other and compassion for others.

I am committed to encouraging people to follow their passions and enjoy life. I am committed to discouraging unhealthy competition and encouraging collaboration.

I believe that we should pursue our happinesses, though they may not reconcile with expectations of society. I believe the digital age is rife with tools to support, route for and celebrate daily the successes of others.

-- Jenny